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Wines & Spirits
The world of wine is exciting and ever changing; one that never stands still.

Attard & Co imported its first wines in 1992, though formed its Wines & Spirits Division on 1st June 2001. Since this important date, Attard & Co greatly increased its portfolio of fine wines and spirits, constantly seeking out internationally acclaimed wines from countries best known for their vintage and nomenclature.

We are committed to importing not just wines of prestige but also wines chosen for their character, exquisite flavour and excellent value. Attard & Co does not solely import bottles of wine but also the wine's history, culture and environment, giving the consumer the chance to appreciate the wine in a complete and wholesome manner.

Our wines originate from a score of different regions best known for their grape and prized reputation. These countries include Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Lebanon, California, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand among others.

Within the Wines and Spirits Division, we are deliberate in our choice of products. As a sine qua non, our wines ought to possess these attributes:

  • They have to be imported directly from the producer. This is done to ensure that there is first hand contact between the wine producers and vine growers.
  • The wines must be made from grape varieties that are either indigenous to that region or have been growing there for decades. For example: La Grein from Trentino, Greco di Tufo from Campania; Cannonau from Sardegna, Pinotage from South Africa; Carmenere from Chile, Malbec from Argentina and Shiraz from Australia.
  • Our wines are bottled at source, namely at country of origin, thus ensuring that the quality and character of the wine remain unspoilt. In addition to fine wines, we also import champagne, a full range of top quality tawny, ruby and vintage ports as well as spirits that include single malt, blended whiskies, Deluxe Cognacs and Russian Vodka. Our assortment extends to single vine grappas and fine Mirto.
Our Wines and Spirits Division offers a personal consultancy to hotels and Restaurants, Wine Bars well as Wine Boutiques. We advise on wine selection and assist in putting together a varied, yet well balanced wine list, customised to fit in well with its environment and to be varied in its characteristics in order to suit every discerning affinity. It is important to note that we use a separate portfolio of wines of well-known International Brands for Supermarkets and Confectioneries.

By way of appointment, we welcome interested hoteliers, restaurateurs and persons within the wine trade to sample our large selection of wines that are stored in our temperature-controlled wine cellars within Canter House, Marsa. We shall be more than happy to make the consultancy services of our wine expert available to you.
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