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Attard & Co Foodstuffs - Attard & Co Malta
Coffee & Beverages
The beverages division comprises of non-alcoholic drinks that include coffees, teas, waters, juices, UHT milks and Soya drinks.

Attard & Co. Ltd. has been importing Saquella coffee since 1992.

During this time we have built up a strong client base in the catering industry, supplying numerous hotels, restaurants and coffee shops.

Our success is built upon an excellent foundation, consisting of experience, overseas training in this field, market knowledge, innovative client service, know-how, a keen dose of commitment and a great passion for our products.

Our product does not stop at merely the selling of a good. We work hand-in-hand with our customers to help them understand the subtle nuances for the proper preparation of espresso coffee. You can take the very best coffee beans and produce a product that is not drinkable. Great coffee beans and expensive machines do not guarantee a great product; they merely provide the potential. The exclusive blends of SAQUELLA Café have made it one of the best-known Italian coffee roasters. This success stems from investments carried out in research and development, careful processing, meeting standards of quality, and a continuous search for top-notch quality products.

We also represent the famous English tea company WHITTARD OF CHELSEA boasting a range of excellent teas to suit all tastes, ECKES-Granini juices under the brands JOKER, REA and NEVADA. Long life milks and milkshakes are imported from Belgium under the brands INZA and COUNTRE. Other brands that we import include DECANTAE water from Wales and Sorbets and ice teas from NATFOODS in Italy.

At Attard, we well understand the importance of proper training before we one can create that quality beverage. Since we believe that this should be the centrepiece of any catering establishment, we commit ourselves to excellence.
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